The Future

The Mistress

The Team

The plan for the WRX is to be prepared for “street”, “street mod”,  “level 3 – M2”, and equivalent classes for time attack and time trial events. 

For this we need a reliable enigne and a larger turbocharger to push the car faster. We’ll also need to upgrade to a larger intercooler, that will be front mounted. 

Other modifications will include the addition of functional aero, including a front splitter, rear spoiler, and possibly a rear diffuser. 

Also the braking system will need to be looked at. A larger front braking setup will be used with an OE Brembo rear caliper and rotor. 

The other area of focus will be the interior. We will need to put most of the interior back in the car forward of the B-pillar in order to meet time attack class rules. 

This is the plan for now.

After the loss of the engine in the WRX, I’ve had a lot of time to think about what’s next for the future of the “team”. 

Right now the plan is to compaign the car in Time Attack and Time Trial events in 2020. The idea is to have the car ready and completed after the mid-year 2019 to have a few test sessions before we start competition in 2020. 

Of course plans change, so we are keeping an open mind about the future and what is to come. We are so grateful for the support we recieve from family, firends, and fans on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

We hope that everyone will stick with us during this down time. We will be back, faster and stronger. 

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