As the title states, I have some BIG NEWS! 

On a non-car related front…

I found this summer that I will be a father for the first time. A few weeks back my wife and I went to our doctor appointment to find out which of the two genders our baby would be. Coming this February(2019), we will be having a beautiful baby girl. 

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about having a baby girl, but I can tell you now, I am super happy about it and very excited for the future. I am super excited to be able to pass along what I know to my little girl.

Car related news…

Not much to share. I am however looking at a new option to get the car back out on track on a budget. The new idea is to… I know I’ve said in the past i wouldn’t do this, but it might be the best option, use a JDM EJ20X long block and modify it to be used in place of a USDM EJ255/7. For those not familiar with the EJ20X, it is a 2.0L, dual-AVCS, 9.5:1 CR, turbo engine found in JDM legacies and ADM Liberties. They are also said to have a forged crank, forged rods, and a semi forged piston. 

It is possible to swap the engine into a non-AVCS or single-AVCS engine management system. The bonus of this option is the very low price, higher compression(for E85), and it’s almost drop-in. The decrease in displacement and extra work to convert the dual-AVCS are not my favorite things, but these can be dealt with. 

The idea would be to put the engine in as budget friendly as possibly, and maybe add some small upgrades if possible. This will allow me to get back on track for next season and have some fun. In the mean time, I could save up and budget for the “big” 2.5L build. 

Pretty much at this point, the engine is the only thing need to be fixed as the rest of the car is in pretty good shape and can be ready to go next year very easily. 

Stay tuned for more news. 


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