Struggle City

Hello everyone… I know I’ve been away for a bit, but I am at least going to try and provide a weekly update, or maybe a bi-weekly update. 

As the title says… I’ve been in “Struggle City” for the last few weeks, or months… more so internally than externally, and mostly about what makes me happy when it comes to my automotive passion. I think what has lead to this, is my poor patience skills. 

My biggest problem was how to move forward with the Subaru… whether to invest, rather, spend money to fix it, or to sell it and move on to something new(to me).  Every time I plan a way to move forward with another platform, I always end up wanting to keep the WRX and keep trying to make it what I always wanted out of it. 


I need to get some stuff done on the FOZ(My wife’s Forester), so that I can start to daily drive it. 


I spent a few weekends hunting up at my grandfathers house, but it was a rough season. I should be going back up to try again once I’m on vacation for the rest of the year. It was a great time to be able to decompress in the woods, enjoying peace and quiet. 

I hope to bring more news and updates as time goes on. For now I am still focusing on my family and trying to patiently await the arrival of my daughter which is planned to be in mid-February. 

Thanks for all the support!


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