‘BROKEN TRAIL’ can be defined many ways, but Mike define’s it 2 different ways, both which he finds a perfect description of his motorsports journey.

1. A new trail being “broken” or created.
2. A trail that is broken, not clearly defined, or hard to follow.



Broken Trail Motorsports is an amateur race team, started by Mike Thompson Jr., supported by a team made up of his family and with the help of a few friends. 

Note from our founder: 
I created Broken Trail Rallysport in 2012 to start to formalize my passion for motorsports, notice the “Rallysport” in the name. 

When I started the team back in 2012, I was pretty dead set on rallycross and stage rally as my major focus in motorsports. I was competeing in our local Detroit Region SCCA(DRSCCA) rallcross events and slowly building the car with stage rally emphasis in mind. 

As time went on I felt the want to expand the team and my motorsports involvement to more than rally, and I changed the name of the team to Broken Trail Motorsports. 

My main focus in motorsports has always been road-racing and in 2018 it was time to make my dream come true. I set my sights on entering trackdays and to start preparing my WRX for road course competition. 

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